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We start out in the wineries; many years ago the Okanagan Valley was buried under nearly three kilometres of glacial ice. Most of British Columbia was, in fact, and it wasn’t until volcanic eruptions under the earth’s crust began to melt the ice that the shape of the valley was formed. This melt triggered a flood that eroded more than eighty cubic kilometers of stone and soil. This great flood shaped the valley as we know it, the rivets of exposed rock on the mountains that look like waterfalls and the unique shape of the Skaha Bluffs. This melt distributed different soils to different areas of the valley, that’s why different grapes grow better in different towns.

No two grapes taste alike, no two grapevines grow the same way, and no batch of wine is a perfect replica of the next. The Okanagan is a place of rich wine, good people, and delicious local goodies.

The grapes are picked and pressed by the winery, then left to the rest of the wine making process; reds sit on the skins and whites are processed earlier. For every two bottles of wine made, there’s about one bottle of skins and seeds that are then composted or disposed of. These skins and seeds are packed with nutrients, flavour, and potential. Here at WineCrush Market, we take these wine by-products and re-purpose them into delicious gourmet foods. We take that pomace – those seeds and skins – and mill it down into a dry powder. That powder is then used in our artisan foods.

Another by-product of the wine process is lees, a creamy sour dead yeast substance that settles at the bottom of the tank when wine is bottled. Instead of disposing of this product we take it and use it in mustard, marinades, sauces, and even a little bit in our sourdough bread.

Designed around picnics and day-trips to a vineyard or beach, we have something for everyone.

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